Meet Emily Kircher-Morris.

Emily is the host of The Neurodiversity Podcast. She and her husband, Dave Morris, launched The Neurodiversity Podcast in 2018. Since then, they've released over 150 episodes on topics related to the development of neurodivergent people.

Emily is a clinical mental health counselor. Prior to becoming a counselor, Emily was a teacher in gifted education programming and a school counselor.

Emily is the author of several books related to the development of neurodivergent people:

Teaching Twice-Exceptional Learners in Today's Classroom (Free Spirit Publishing 2021)

Raising Twice-Exceptional Children: A Handbook for Parents of Neurodivergent Gifted Kids (Routledge, 2022)

A Parent's Guide to Gifted Children: A Resource for Parents and Caregivers (2nd Edition) (Gifted Unlimited, LLC, 2023)

"This is a field that has really evolved in the past several years. Neurodiversity was whispered but not really articulated until the last several years. Brain research has helped enable this. Thanks for offering this training!" ~Webinar attendee

"I have just started digging into this course as part of the 2E training team. I am loving the organization of the course, the resources, and the sections specific to 2E learners with specific disabilities. I can't wait to support our educators in their continued learning." ~Jenifer N.

"I teach students in a specialized classroom for emotional behavioral disorders (EBD) and all of them struggle with executive functioning. Before this course, I was not confident in my ability to help students self-monitor, now I can combine my good rapport with students with good teaching strategies. I feel so much better in my classroom knowing what to do in situations I used to be at a loss for." ~Emily P.

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